Free To Be Me

July 2024

Free To Be Me

With all the unfortunate events going on in the world, I felt compelled to sit and think about what FREEDOM means to me.

Free to be me. This is Zenatude ‘s Mantra number three. “Free to be me, always be yourself, don’t let anyone take that away from you.”

Rights. I have the right to vote, work, learn, speak-up, post content on the things that matter to me and share information to be of service to others.

Equality. I am worthy, no matter my age, gender, race, beliefs or religion.

Ease to enjoy life with confidence and authenticity. I can choose to live life fully.

Decisions. I can decide what I do every day, and I can create my own future.

Opportunities. Oh, so many possibilities here…right in front of me.

Military. To all the Men & Women who served and continue to serve…thank YOU for your service and your sacrifices!

We are all valuable. We have been granted the freedom to have purpose, goals, objectives that we can openly work towards… as an individual, or together as a family, community, or business without fearing repercussions.

We are AMERICA, home of the FREE because of the BRAVE.

Happy 4th of July! Wishing you, your family & friends an enjoyable week of celebrating your FREEDOM!

Have a Zenatudinal Day!


Tamra Leigh


– The calm of Zen combined with a bold, positive attitude. –

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