A Dolphin in Your Pocket?

September 2022

A few early mornings ago I set out to go paddle boarding, thinking the conditions were just right.

As I walked down to the water…it started looking a bit “iffy.” Standing in the water for several minutes it appeared that passing the “break” was going to be a bit rough…

Immediately, I went to my back pocket, not literally of course since I was wearing a bikini😁 My “back pocket” Plan B, that number 2 thing I do if something doesn’t work out as planned. I had already told myself that if paddling wasn’t going to work out…I would stay on the beach and stretch ON my paddle board. A few minutes later I spotted a dolphin close to the shore, then another one, and another, and then there were seven. YES, 7 Dolphins!

It turns out that my back pocket plan wasn’t so bad! 

Being prepared for the unexpected allows you to

  • Be flexible and go with the flow
  • Feel less pressured
  • Adapt easily to change
  • Celebrate that you tried Plan A

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