Hi, I’m Tamra Leigh

How did this start?

Maybe you’ve mediated? Manifested?
Vision boards, yoga and detox diets?
You’ve listened to the gurus.
You’re happy, most of the time, or at least try to be.
Yet, somehow drama and trauma creep up and throw you back on the epic ride of your life.

That was my life. Poor relationships based on bad decisions or good relationships with unfortunate fates. Patterns that needed to be broken. And a lifestyle that kept me trapped in a vicious cycle of ups and downs. I was happy. I thought. But not truly, authentically happy. I needed to admit that.

I needed Zenatude.

Tamra Leigh Earlywine

Certified Transformational Life Coach,
Elite Coaching University

Bachelor of Arts Communication, Magna Cum Laude –
Arizona State University

Got Zenatude?

I coined Zenatude back in 2004, while living in Venice Beach, CA, feeling depleted by the energy and insincerity that seemed to surround me and my world.

I needed more than a little mediation and wise Buddha principles.

I needed a lifestyle beyond just thinking and acting positively.

Of seeing the best in me, in others and the world around me.

Because, hell, we all know we need a bit more open-mindedness, understanding and acceptance in our world these days.

Maybe I sucked up too much sun from my Arizona and California roots, but aren’t we all full of love and happiness ready to burst free?

Zenatude became a concept that grew into a lifestyle that guided me through over twenty years in the corporate sales world. Now with a life coaching certification, I hope to help others reach their Zenatude.

– The calm of Zen combined with a bold, positive attitude. –

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