Got Six Seconds?

October 2023

Taking a 6-second pause when you are triggered by stress allows you the space to make a conscious decision about what to do or say next.

I started learning about this “Six Seconds” technique the day before Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars last year. When I watched the replay, I was beyond baffled because he had several seconds to think through his reaction, and he chose “the slap”.

30+ years ago, I read a quote:

“In a lousy situation, one thing you have control of is the outcome,”

and to this day, I constantly remind myself of this in difficult/stressful situations. In fact, this is one of the top principles of Zenatude, so hearing about “Six Seconds” truly resonated with me.

Stressful moments happen, that’s life. It’s how we respond that is going to determine how you’re going to feel about yourself. Happy? Disappointed? Angry? Victimized? Proud?

So, the next time something uneasy and difficult happens, remind yourself “In a lousy situation, one thing you have control of is the outcome.”

Have a Zenatudinal Day!


Tamra Leigh


– The calm of Zen combined with a bold, positive attitude. –

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