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March 2023

Driving down Main Street in Santa Monica one Saturday morning, I saw a couple carrying their yoga mats, having just finished a class.

As they neared the crosswalk, it didn’t appear they were crossing, only standing, so I proceeded to go. Suddenly I hit the brakes, as they did decide to cross, and then immediately started yelling at me. Yes, one would think, that if you’re fresh out of a yoga class you would be in a calm, peaceful state of mind…obviously that SOM (state of mind) was left at the door.

Enter Zenatude, in a lousy situation, one thing you have control of is the outcome. Although I coined Zenatude in 2004, it wasn’t until early 2020 when I started consistently practicing Zenatude as a daily mindset approach to everything. For me, the start of Covid wasn’t the worst thing going on in my life at that moment…I wish it was, but it wasn’t and that’s another story on its own.

I’ll admit, there’s been a handful + times that I have fallen out of Zenatude. Do I beat myself up? Maybe a little bit, but I immediately acknowledge the situation and then laugh about it…joking to myself how I was “not so Zenatude in that moment”. Paying attention to when this happens is very critical in raising awareness to such triggers and choosing Zenatude vs. the other option that can lead to absolute misery.

I like to think of Zenatude as a word to remind myself that there is one thing, I have control of and that’s my attitude towards myself, others, and the situations around me.

It’s the calm of Zen combined with a bold positive attitude…smiling on the inside and out…and ALWAYS choosing the best response.

Have a Zenatudinal Day!,

Tamra Leigh


– The calm of Zen combined with a bold, positive attitude. –

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