It ROCKS to be understood

June 2022

Misunderstood? Misinterpreted? Misperceived?

Have you found yourself in a situation where no matter how many times you explain something, your message is not understood? The aggravation sets in, you grow impatient, and in frustration you say, “never mind” and just give up. Now, where does that get you?

Good communication is the secret sauce in every relationship. Understanding that your style may differ with other individuals is a golden ingredient.

Acknowledge the difference.

Some people keep their emotions inside.

Some are loud and intense.

Some avoid conflict and use sarcasm to deflect.

Some are assertive; these people are in touch with their emotions and know how to communicate effectively.

Which style are you?

Understand your audience and you’ll greatly contribute to how your message is received.

It ROCKS to be understood!


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