Work With Me

Ever feel like you’re walking through life on a roller coaster?

One minute you got this! You’re rocking life! You’re dancing in your kitchen.

And the next your stomach falls out from under you, with your energy being sucked away from a combination of the people and/or the ‘fate’ that you seem to attract?

You need Zenatude

My offerings

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Work with me to identify where you are and where you want to be in life.

First off, I follow ICF (the International Coach Federation) ethical guidelines and standards, therefore my sessions are structured according to their method and requirements.

This means my sessions have the classic format where I ask questions and my clients answers them and not the other way around.

Each session has a specific agenda, a topic to focus on chosen by you, the client.

As you can see, as a client you are given a lot of freedom and choices. Coaching can only be effective when and if you’re fully committed to your own growth and progress.

Motivational Events

Join one of my events and gather with like-minded people living the Zenatude way.

These “Zenavents” are held the first Saturday of each month and are free to attend.  We meet at the beach in La Jolla at 8:30a and each month we cover a specific topic such as ‘Nature’, ‘The Elements’, ‘Calmness’, ‘Being Present’, Enjoying the Little Findings’ and a few more.

Join others who work with me, a few of my neighbors and friends, and like minded folks looking to find the fun in life.

 Cart Sessions

Ride around La Jolla and get a Splash of Zenatude in a private, rolling session.

Each of our sessions will take you on an adventurous ride through neighborhoods, parks and scenic areas with beach views and plenty of stops for reflection.

These can be private or semi-private depending on your needs and requests.

Let’s do this!

I help you foster more positivity towards yourself, others, and the situations around you… to smile in the face of stress and triggers, and make smarter, healthier decisions that align with who you truly are.

Turn your drama & trauma into a happier, healthier lifestyle.